Cascade Funding Opportunities - May 2024

Discover 15 Cascade Funding Opportunities for your May 2024 success!

Get ready to supercharge your innovative ideas with Cascade Funding, the game-changing instrument of the European Commission! May 2024 is packed with 15 funding opportunities that are tailor-made for SMEs, startups, universities, researchers and local authorities.

Don’t miss out on this chance to take your ideas to the next level and make a lasting impact on the world of research and innovation.


ICAERUS: PUSH Open Calls for Innovation Development

ICAERUS aims to showcase and support the effective, efficient and safe deployment of drones, as well as identify the risks and added values associated with their use. The PUSH Open Calls for Innovation Development will award 3 successful third-parties with up to 60,000 € to implement projects aiming to deliver and exploit drone related data sets for assessing technological and non-technical hypotheses.

  • Max.Funding: 60.000€
  • Deadline: 07/05/2024
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PIMAP4Sustainability: Sustainability training/service Open Call.

PIMAP4Sustainability is an EU-funded Euroclusters project that aims to help SMEs all along the photonics advanced materials and advanced manufacturing value chain to be more resilient by doing their twin transition, green and digital, and by the internationalisation of their activities.
To achieve these objectives, PIMAP4Sustainability offers a unique package of services and support mechanisms dedicated to support innovative projects, skilling and reskilling of the workforce in critical innovative areas and maximising the international opportunities for the SMEs.

  • Deadline: 10/05/2024

S+T+ARTS: MUSAE: Second Open Call for STARTS residencies

The goal of the residency programme is to support consortia of SME and artist in the application of the Design Futures Art-driven (DFA) method in order to create 11 prototypes (the targeted outcome being to reach TRL 5) based on one of the future scenarios developed in the First Residency and use one or more of the three digital technologies (AI, Wearables, Robotics) in the prototype.

  • Max.Funding: 80.000€
  • Deadline: 14/05/2024
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EENergy: Call for the EENergy energy efficiency

SMEs that need support for the design and implementation of energy efficiency related activities can apply to the EENergy open call, and potentially benefit from a 10,000 Euro EENergy grant in addition to Enterprise Europe Network sustainability advisory services.

  • Max.Funding: 10.000€
  • Deadline: 15/05/2024
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OSCARS: Fostering the uptake of Open Scinece in Europe

The aim of the call is to support researchers engaging in or developing Open Data Research by conducting science projects that facilitate and foster sharing research data and results based on FAIR principles. Proposals that develop and/or make available services or tools (software; hardware; middleware; protocols; standards; benchmarks; documentation and training/mentoring materials; activities and resources), which enable Open Research in a field and encourage open science practice based on FAIR principles, are also eligible.

  • Max.Funding: 250.000€
  • Deadline: 15/05/2024
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S+T+ARTS: Hungry EcoCities: Open Call for Art-Driven Experiments 1st Phase – Call for End-Users

The main objective of the first phase of the 2nd Open Call – the Call for End-Users is to find the most relevant test sites in the food and agriculture sectors, demonstrating a potential to experiment with digital technologies. The End-Users will then be joined by Artists with prototyping skills to ensure that a successful PPE can be created.
The selected End-Users will be assisted by the Hungry EcoCities consortium to form the team with the Artist which will further collaborate in the support programme.
Artists will be invited to apply separately in the second phase of the Hungry EcoCities 2nd Open Call – Call for Art-Driven Experiments where an application process for Artists will be launched.

  • Max.Funding: 45.000€
  • Deadline: 15/05/2024
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Ready2Scale: Accelerate your startup journey!

The Ready2Scale Acceleration Program is a 6-month long acceleration program that provides a range of training services, as well as financial support of up to 60,000 EUR, to 25 Digital and Deep-Tech (DDT) startups with a focus on widening countries.

  • Max.Funding: 60.000€
  • Deadline: 15/05/2024

Women TechEU: Supporting women leading deep tech startups from Europe to grow into tomorrow’s tech leaders.

Women TechEU is a two-year EU-funded project funding and supporting women leading deep tech startup companies from Europe. Across the two years, the consortium will launch a total of four calls for applications. Applicant startups will undergo a rigorous evaluation and a total of 160 winner startups will receive €75k in non-dilutive grants as well as a personalised business development programme including mentoring, coaching and training.

  • Max.Funding: 75.000€
  • Deadline: 20/05/2024
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6G-XR: 6G eXperimental Research infrastructure to enable nextgeneration XR services.

The purpose of the open call is to address identified gaps in the 6G-XR infrastructures and targets the development and extension of the four research infrastructures to make them ready for advanced experimentation in upcoming project open calls for experimentation. In particular, the project is looking for
1) networking, computing enablers;
2) XR enablers;
3) RAN enablers; and
4) Sustainability enablers for local green energy, controlling energy sources and charging/discharging, energy measurement and optimization solutions.

  • Max.Funding: 60.000€
  • Deadline: 22/05/2024
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SPIRIT: Scalable Platform for Innovations on Real-time Immersive Telepresence

The first SPIRIT Open Call (OC1) is now open to a wide range of third-party contributors to validate and test their applications on the SPIRIT platform, Europe’s first multi-site and interconnected platform for real-time immersive telepresence applications.

  • Max.Funding: 200.000€
  • Deadline: 27/05/2024
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RESTORE4LIFE: Restoration of wetland complexes as life supporting systems in the Danube Basin.

Restore4Life is looking for at least 5 Associated Regions that they can provide with technical assistance to use the outcomes and knowledge of Restore4Life to prepare roadmaps, plans, and projects to restore wetland ecosystems in their region.
The aim is to share the results and knowledge of the project on an ongoing basis with the selected ‘associated regions’ and to provide them with scientific and technical support for the implementation of wetland restoration solutions in their territory.

  • Max.Funding: 100.000€
  • Deadline: 29/05/2024
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REINFORCING: REINFORCING supports organizations and institutions in Europe to transition to a new paradigm where responsibility and openness drive research and innovation processes.

The goal of this Incubators Call is to strengthen ORRI within the Balkan area by engaging institutions committed to understanding and implementing ORRI principles and practices. The activities performed should result in an evident institutional change toward ORRI by the end of the proposed project.

  • Max.Funding: 60.000€
  • Deadline: 30/05/2024
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SeaClear2.0: Call for Associated regions

SeaClear2.0 is seeking to collaborate with 5 Associated Regions in the Atlantic +Arctic, Baltic, Mediterranean, and Danube/Black Sea basins. With a grant of up to €100,000 each, the selected regions will be strategic partners, showcasing the feasibility, replicability, and scale-up of SeaClear2.0’s pioneering solutions for identifying, collecting, and valorising marine litter. In return, the selected regions will have the opportunity to enhance their capacities and approaches to identify and implement site-specific solutions for preventing and minimising marine litter and foster an ocean literate society through community activation and citizen engagement, in their regions.

  • Max.Funding: 100.000€
  • Deadline: 31/05/2024
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RE-CENTRE: Go International

The general objective of this RE-CENTRE open call is to financially support small cross sectorial partnerships creating/adopting new collaboration models that include digital and/or greening innovations and/or technologies.
Call open from 05.02.2024 (07:00 a.m. CET) to 31.05.2024 (17:00 p.m. CET).
Cut Off Dates:
04.04.2024 at 17:00 CET
06.05.2024 at 17:00 CET
31.05.2024 at 17:00 CET.

  • Max.Funding: 250€
  • Deadline: 31/05/2024

Up2Circ: Up2Circ supports European SMEs on their way towards circular economy..

In its first open call, Up2Circ Accelerator will support up to 47 projects to validate the adoption of circular business models and implement concrete actions towards circular products, processes and services. The budget allocation for the call is €1.230.000.

  • Max.Funding: 50.000€
  • Deadline: 31/05/2024 
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As a researcher, innovator, SME, startup, or mid-cap company, you can tap into public funds to adopt or develop digital technologies, all while streamlining administrative processes and getting faster access to finance. With Cascade Funding (also known as financial support to third parties (FSTP), you’ll have the tools and financial support you need to take your business to the next level and make a lasting impact in the R&D world.

  • It simplifies the application, evaluation and justification procedures. 📑
  • Success rates are often higher, as these are less “popular” calls. 💪
  • Financing can range from €10,000 to €300,000, being projects between €100,000 and €150,000 the most common. 💶
  • The financial support is usually equity-free There is no equity or share capital assigned by any party. 👌
  • Most of these programs offer free incubation and acceleration services, specialized mentoring, and access to international networks of contacts. 👩‍🏫
  • It allows the transfer and exploitation of knowledge and the adoption of new technologies. 💻


We want to help you make these type of calls more accessible for your organisation. That is why we have designed a series of services to maximise your opportunities of receiving this financing:

  • Identification and analysis of funding opportunities: our team monitors all open calls and make a first check on the eligibility of your organization.
  • Proposals writing and submission management: we support you to land that idea that you have in mind and adapt it to the requirements of the call. In addition, we carry out the management and upload on the different platforms of all the necessary documentation to ensure that your project is eligible for the call.
  • Access to international network: if you have not identified a partner yet, or simply don’t know who to start this adventure with, in consortium projects we take care of finding the partner for your project.
  • Project management support: our service does not end with uploading the documentation, we help you throughout the full life cycle of the project, providing you management support and ensuring that you receive 100% of the grant you have won.

Finally, why limit yourself to just to this month calls? Take a long-term view and explore all the cascading funding opportunities waiting for you on our website! Don’t miss out on the chance to secure your financial future. We also have a free-subscription newsletter to be up to date with all the calls opening.

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