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Sploro is a word in Esperanto that means exploration. We were born as a company with the idea of becoming true explorers of innovation. Our mission is as simple as ambitious, we want to make innovation understandable and reachable for any organization through services and digital technologies. Convinced the digitization will be the cornerstone building our society in the coming decades, SPLORO is a company with a vocation for service, but digital.




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Meet the team

Our team is made up of innovation experts who have more than 30 years of experience. We have worked on international projects, with multinationals, startups, technology centers and SMEs. If you want to make innovation a differentiating factor of your organization, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Values

Our values speak for themselves about who we are.


Innovation, as it could not be otherwise, as a lever that improves our environment and society.


Commitment, with ourselves, our customers, partners and collaborators.


Talent, as a basic pillar on which to rely.


Entrepreneurship, which allows us to challenge the status-quo, looking for new business models that help us going forward. 


We understand that digitization is a process that facilitates the path to progress.



multi-purpoSe Physical-cyber Agri-forest Drones Ecosystem for governance and environmental observation

European project that will create an intelligent ecosystem for the development of unmanned vehicles (drones) in the world of agriculture, livestock and forest management. It includes a fund to support own R&D&I projects of around € 700,000.

Funded by the European Union thorugh the Horizon Europe’s framework programme for Research and Innovation.


FOod and nutritiOn Data-driven innovation respectful of citizen's Data SovereIgnTY

2M€ pilot development program funding 12 Industry and research collaborations to develop pilots demonstrating the potential of data-driven innovations in health and nutrition, engaging citizens in their development. The pilots will demonstrate the potential of user’s personal data in health and nutrition solutions

Funded by the European Union thorugh the Horizon Europe’s framework programme for Research and Innovation.


NGI Sargasso

Unique collaborative ecosystem and collaboration programme for promoting the transatlantic cooperation in NGI technologies

Catalyse transatlantic collaboration with USA and Canada on the development and experimentation of new ideas, implementation of prototypes, and contribution to standards and open-source communities on technology trends with the potential to reshape tomorrow’s Next Generation Internet technologies and services

Funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe’s framework programme for Research and Innovation.