SPLORO WEEK: Collaboration, Achievement and Celebration

Let's take a look back at the highlights of our eventful week:

This has been an extraordinary week for the SPLORO team, full of teamwork, achievements and moments of celebration.

International Colleagues Joining the Office

We were thrilled to welcome international colleagues, Maja from Slovenia, Helena from Portugal, and Marta from Alicante, to our office. To foster deeper connections, we organized sync sessions where each team member had 15 minutes to chat and get to know one another on a personal level.

Tuesday: NGI Sargasso Consortium Meeting in Pamplona

The highlight of our week was hosting the NGI Sargasso Consortium Meeting at our Sploro headquarters in Pamplona. It was a joyous occasion to finally meet face-to-face with our partners after countless virtual encounters. Productive discussions were held regarding the progress of our Work Packages and plans for upcoming open calls. They also had a brainstorming session on Sargasso’s exploitation was instrumental in driving impactful discussions and exploring commercialization opportunities.

After the workday, the team gathered for dinner in the city. This was an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local cuisine, explore the city’s charm, and enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed setting, fostering stronger bonds within the team.

Wednesday: Immersive Onboarding and Training Sessions

Wednesday was a day packed with immersive onboarding and training sessions.

Led by Miguel and Virginia, our team delved into topics ranging from Sploro’s mission, vision and values to successful consortium meeting preparation and the setup of open calls for European projects.

They structured the session in such a way that it not only provided valuable insights into the company, but also ensured an enjoyable experience for all participants, having to be creative and participate with ideas for a better working environment built by everyone as a team.

Thursday: Celebrating Europe Day and EmprendeXXI Finals

As proud supporters of European collaboration, we celebrated Europe Day as a family.

We reached an important milestone as we made it to the finals of the EmprendeXXI Awards with our SaaS platform, KRONIS.

Alberto Sierra, co-founder of KRONIS, presented a 3-minute powerful pitch, showcasing our app’s ability to streamline bureaucratic processes and simplify R&D grant justifications.

Later in the day, Miguel and Alberto surprised the team with a traditional Spanish treat – paella! We gathered at a local society, enjoying delicious food, bonding over games and laughter, and, most importantly, capturing an updated team photo.

A Week to Remember


This week encapsulated the essence of teamwork and innovation. From strengthening bonds with our remote colleagues to achieving milestones in European collaboration, it was a week filled with triumphs and cherished memories.

SPLORO-KRONIS is not just a team; we are a growing international family fueled by your fundamental support.

Cheers to continuous innovation and collaboration!