I am
a tech-startup

We know ourselves how hard entrepreneurship and innovation are. You’ve probably done your first steps as a company or even are on a more growth stage. You will find yourself in a step in which the innovation strategy needs to be clearer defined, testing your products in new markets or even need fundraising to keep on with your technology development.

Sploro can help you to:


Plan your R&D

We understand the innovation as a journey we need to be prepared. Where we go, the path we follow and what means of transport to use. We help you define this trip to innovation becomes the best experience for your startup.


Raise grants

if you are developing a disruptive technology, or owns a product which will be a game-changer. We look for the best funding tools available. Equity-free funding and grants from the European institutions.


Go International

We provide you intros with accelerators, incubators or international players which can help you scale. Tell us where you want to go, we take you there.


Collaborate with corporates

Identifying the best open innovation initiatives for your startup offering piloting with major corporations, funding or free services.


improve your pitch to investors

We help you build a killing pitch and prepare you for contests and events where pitching is an art. All you need to shine in the startup ecosystem.