Agri-Food sector

Join us on April 30th at 10:00 AM (CET) for an exciting opportunity to be part of the eleventh edition of the Sploro Cascade Funding Webinar Series!

Explore a world of growth as we shift our focus to the eleventh edition of the Cascade Funding Monthly Webinar Series! Join us as we dive deep into the cutting-edge opportunities in this dynamic field, offering valuable insights into four significant open calls.

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Cascade Funding - Session#11

Our event’s primary objective is to spotlight the upcoming opportunities in the field of Cascade Funding for European Innovators.

Up2Circ In its first open call, Up2Circ Accelerator will support up to 47 projects to validate the adoption of circular business models and implement concrete actions towards circular products, processes and services. The budget allocation for the call is €1.230.000

Deadline: 31st May 2024
Funding: € 50,000

The Ready2Scale Acceleration Program is a 6-month long acceleration program that provides a range of training services, as well as financial support of up to 60,000 EUR, to 25 Digital and Deep-Tech (DDT) startups with a focus on widening countries

Deadline: 15th May 2024
Funding: € €60,000

Hungry EcoCities  is hosting an Open Call for SMEs in the agri-food sector. They aim to explore art-technology experimentation to enhance product/service design and production processes within the agri-food value chain. Up to 10 SMEs will be selected to participate in a matchmaking process with an artist partner. This collaboration will involve preparing an artistic prototyping proposal for participation in the PPE support programme.

Deadline: 15th of May 2024 at 17h (CEST)
Funding: € 45,000

MUSAE The goal of the residency programme is to support consortia of SME and artist in the application of the Design Futures Art-driven (DFA) method in order to create 11 prototypes (the targeted outcome being to reach TRL 5) based on one of the future scenarios developed in the First Residency and use one or more of the three digital technologies (AI, Wearables, Robotics) in the prototype.

Deadline: 14th of May 2024
Funding: € 80,000

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