Empowering Women in Deep Tech: A March Filled with Momentum and Milestones

Despite challenges, technology strives for gender equality. Discover the combination of efforts March-ing towards an inclusive future, empowering women in tech!

In Sploro, March has been a pivotal month for women entrepreneurs in the deep tech sector, marked by significant milestones and events that underscore the growing emphasis of the European Commission on empowering women in this innovative and crucial field. This month’s activities have not only celebrated women’s achievements, but also laid down concrete pathways for their progress and participation in deep tech, a field historically dominated by men.

Applications in the first EmpoWomen Open Call


The month kicked off with the closure of the EmpoWomen project call on International Women’s Day, March 8th. This was more than symbolic; it was a testament to the commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs, aligning perfectly with the global day of recognition, for women’s contributions to society, economy, culture, and politics. Empowomen, by focusing on nurturing women-led startups and initiatives in deep tech in the widening areas, closed the call with 169 applications and has been a beacon of support and resource, providing mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities.

Source: @EmpoWomen via LinkedIn

March 18th- Watch the replay of the EIC Summit opening ceremony.

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Following this, on March 18th, we saw the opening of the EIC summit 2024 during the R&D days, in which on of our projects – Women TechEU– was highlighted. With the 1st open call deadline being on May 20th,  this initiative represents a significant step forward in the European Union’s efforts to promote women in the technology sector. By providing crucial funding, up to 75k€ per start-up, coaching, and mentoring, Women TechEU is directly addressing the gender gap in the tech industry, offering women entrepreneurs the support they need to succeed and thrive in this competitive landscape.

EIC Summit in Brussels


Amidst these openings and closings of calls, we had the privilege of attending the EIC Summit in Brussels. Our presence there, with a delegation from the European Projects departments team, was not just about representation. It was a mission to amplify the voices of women in tech, and to network with stakeholders. This summit provided a unique platform to share insights, forge partnerships, and highlight the critical role women play in driving innovation and growth in the deep tech sector.

Source: @Women TechEu via LinkedIn

The EIC Summit was a convergence point for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. Our engagement there, especially in womaning the Women TechEU stand, allowed us to showcase the remarkable work being done by women entrepreneurs across Europe. It was a space of celebration, yes, but also one of serious networking, learning, and collaboration. We connected with various stakeholders and had the chance to discuss potential collaborations, share our experiences and insights, and learn from the diverse perspectives present.

Sploro Women’s Day Celebration

In the picture: Marta, Virginia, Adriana, Andrea and Maria Elena



Lastly, it is of importance to mention that on March 8th, we celebrated Women’s Day with our Amazing Sploro team. We proudly honored the incredible women who contribute their talent, passion and expertise to our team every single day. Their unique perspectives and diverse experiences enrich our workplace, fueling our success and progress.

Women’s empowerment movements in deeptech during March


This March has been a whirlwind of activities focused on women’s empowerment in deep tech. Each event and initiative, from the closure of the Empowomen call to the significant engagements at the EIC Summit, has contributed to a growing momentum. This movement is not just about addressing the gender gap in technology; it’s about ensuring that women are central to the innovation process, bringing their perspectives, creativity, and leadership to the forefront.

As we move forward, the initiatives like EmpoWomen, Women TechEU, and the Next Generation Internet Sargasso, serve as guiding lights of progress. They are calls to action for all of us in the tech community to support, mentor, and invest in entrepreneurs, particularly women. The journey towards gender equality in tech is long and challenging, but with the collective efforts witnessed this March, we are moving in the right direction. The future of deep tech is not just female; it’s inclusive, innovative, and incredibly exciting.

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