Cascade Funding Opportunities - December 2023

Don't Miss Out: 16 Cascade Funding Opportunities Ending in November 2023!

Gear up for a transformative journey as we dive into the last month of the year with Cascade Funding. December 2023 brings forth 17 exclusive funding opportunities meticulously crafted for SMEs, startups, university researchers, and regional authorities. This is your final chance in 2023 to catapult your ideas to new heights and leave an indelible mark on the realm of research and innovation.

Explore the diverse array of opportunities available and commence your application process today, setting the gears of your ambitions in motion for a promising future!


NGI Zero Core Logo

NGI Zero Core: Moving the internet forward.

NGI Zero Core is a grant programme with a focus on modernising the internet. It funds free and open source technological building blocks and developing and delivering new internet standards to users — working towards a more resilient, trustworthy and sustainably open internet for all.

Max.Funding: 50.000€
Deadline: 01/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

NGI Zero Entrust: Trustworthiness and data sovereignty.

NGI0 Entrust supports independent researchers and developers working on digital commons in order to restore and maintain European sovereignty, and to secure democratic ownership of the digital society. NGI Zero Entrust aims to enable and assist independent researchers and developers to create powerful new technology that benefit end users, and to help them put it in the hands of future generations as building blocks for a fair and democratic society and an open economy that benefits all.

Max.Funding: 50.000€
Deadline: 01/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

TITAN project

TITAN: Transparency solutions for transforming the food system.

In order to contribute to creating a rich and vibrant ecosystem in the food supply chain domain, TITAN organises an Open Call for innovative solutions to select and fund eight of the most innovative and ambitious pilots that will enhance the value of food supply chains through increased transparency. For applicants to be selected for funding via the TITAN Open Call, their solutions must be under the domain of activities of one of three TITAN pilot groups: Food Safety, Sustainability and Health.

Max.Funding: 156.300€
Deadline: 01/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

Epicentre Euroclusters

EPICENTRE: EmPowering Industrial eCosystems to boost clustEr facilitated greeN and digiTal tRansition in Europe.

EPICENTRE envisions to create new cross-sectoral/border value chains by establishing a SMEs – Clusters – Mid-Caps and Corporates in the following areas: ICT, Fintech, Health and Agri-food. SMEs and Startups will be invited to submit a project proposal to solve a set of challenges provided by the Corporates from the Health, Agrifood and Digital-Fintech sectors. The applications selected, will enter the EPICENTRE Acceleration program and enrol in the EPICENTRE Academy.

Max.Funding: 42.400€
Deadline: 05/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

Procure4Health logo

Procure4Health: The community of Health & Social care innovation procurers.

Procure4Health is an EU project that aims to overcome the barriers to EU-wide adoption of innovation procurement by creating an open community of health&care procurement stakeholders. The open call aims to support twinings activities in Health and Social care to share knowledge, build capacities of procurers, define common needs and advance innovation procurement in the EU.

Max.Funding: 30.000€
Deadline: 05/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

ISTARS Project Logo

I-STARS: Grants Scheme for Tourism Businesses.

The I-STARS Grants for Tourism Businesses aim to assist Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), especially those operating on islands, from the tourism sector shift towards more sustainable and responsible management through the uptake of appropriate solutions ranging from resource management (energy, waste, water, carbon), sustainability initiatives, sustainability certification schemes to strategies and implementing measures, providing them as such with heightened resilience to shocks, enhanced social, economic, and environmental awareness and responsibility.

Max.Funding: 5.600€
Deadline: 06/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

EIT Manufacturing Logo

EIT Manufacturing: Empowering SMEs Call.

Empowering SMEs call aims to attract, select, and support SMEs willing to further innovate their existing solutions (TRL 8/9) to adapt and expand the market beyond their current applications.
The activity will provide financial support to the selected SME (in case of a single applicant) or to the SME and the end-user (in case of small consortia). In addition, the selected applicants will receive support services provided by EIT Manufacturing during the implementation of their project and after the end of it, aiming for a successful commercialization of the results.

Max.Funding: 60.000€
Deadline: 11/12/2023
Website:  LINK 


DRG4FOOD: Boosting trust, transparency and responsibility in the food system through digital solutions.

The heart of the DRG4Food project beats for responsible data-driven solutions that empower people, champion data rights, and drive the creation of sustainable food systems.
The main objective of DRG4Food Open Call #1 is to enable the development and testing of responsible data-driven solutions in the food sector’s key areas: food tracking, personalized nutrition, and enhancing consumers‘ food decisions.

Max.Funding: 300.000€
Deadline: 11/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

x2 0 Logo

X2.0: Smart Cities and Sustainability.

X2.0 cohort 4 focuses on Smart Cities and Sustainability domains and seeks innovative and impactdriven deeptech startups! X2.0 project is looking for teams that aim to leverage latest technology or scientific discoveries to enhance the quality of life for residents and urban environments all the while promoting a sustainable practices and way of life.

Max.Funding: service vouchers
Deadline: 11/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

RESIST Eurocluster Open Call

RESIST: 2nd Innovation projects Open Call.

This call provides financial support to European SMEs, start-ups and/or mid-cap companies working in the Mobility, Transport and Automotive ecosystem (MTA), so they can develop more sustainable production tools leading to economic success and resilience improvement. It supports the implementation of innovation projects, meaning improved technologies and processes in production, with the aim of reducing ecological impacts.

Max.Funding: 30.000€
Deadline: 12/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

StarGrowth Open Call

STAR GROWTH: Open Call for Tourism SMEs.

The projects’ overall objective is to enhance the sustainable growth of SMEs operating in the rural tourism and ecotourism sectors in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania and Italy by providing technical and financial support, whilst boosting their awareness, development and capacity in the area of sustainable innovations.

Max.Funding: 7.500€
Deadline: 13/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

S3E Project Logo

S3E CHARGE: for growth start-ups.

S3E Charge is designed for growth start-ups with deep tech products, services, or process concepts, grounded in a scientific discovery or meaningful engineering innovation and at a growth development stage, that are already in the market.
The participating teams in S3E Start will be supported in the development of:
-a business plan for a product, service or process and

-an investment-ready pitch presentation of the product (or service) concept that enables them to quickly communicate the business case.

Max.Funding: Services only
Deadline: 15/12/2023
Website:  LINK 


NGI Sargasso: Unique collaborative ecosystem and programme for promoting the transatlantic cooperation in NGI technologies.

NGI Sargasso 2nd Open Call will support projects lead by Member States and Associated Countries in the field of Next Generation Internet that count with an effective collaboration with US and/or Canadian institutions. Funding will be distributed only to the entities from Member States and Associated Countries, although an effective collaboration is required.

Max.Funding: up to 100.000€
Deadline: 18/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

FIDAL project Logo

FIDAL: Field Trials Beyond 5G.

FIDAL will invite European third parties such as companies, research centers or any other relevant entity as well as facilities and infrastructure owners, to undertake a set of new or complementary 5G use cases to further enrich the main areas of interest and to perform related large-scale trials.

The proposed use cases should address one of the main areas identified by the project:
-Emergency Services
-Time critical applications and services

Max.Funding: 250.000€
Deadline: 20/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

First Mile Project Logo

FIRST MILE: Selection of Tourism SMEs to be awarded for the participation to  First Mile Sustainability Support Program.

Are you a tourism-related SME based in FranceItalyNorthern Norway, or the Julian Alps Biosphere in Slovenia? Are you working in accommodation, food or other services? If yes, we’re looking for you! We’re inviting tourism SMEs from these regions and sectors who are ready to take actionable steps towards sustainability.

Max.Funding: up to 10.000€
Deadline: 20/12/2023
Website:  LINK 

Elbe Eurocluster logo

ELBE EUROCLUSTER: Call for financial support to training.

The target audience of the ELBE Eurocluster call for applications for training services is European innovative SMEs from the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sectors. The call for application for training services intends to bring solutions that will address and match with one of the thematic priorities of ELBE Eurocluster.

Max.Funding: 140.000€
Deadline: 31/12/2023
Website:  LINK 


METASTARS EUROCLUSTER: METAcluster Support Towards a more resilient AeRospace and defence ecosystem.

METASTARS project is designed to provide the most efficient services to boost the competitiveness of SMEs and to build a sustainable and representative network at European level. The project will offer SMEs financial support to develop innovative projects and to benefit from services to adapt to new technologies, to develop or strengthen their green and digital transition, their innovation potential, their internationalisation strategy towards Japan and Canada, and the upskilling of their work.

Max.Funding: Services
Deadline: 31/12/2023
Website:  LINK 


As a researcher, innovator, SME, startup, or mid-cap company, you can tap into public funds to adopt or develop digital technologies, all while streamlining administrative processes and getting faster access to finance. With Cascade Funding (also known as financial support to third parties (FSTP), you’ll have the tools and financial support you need to take your business to the next level and make a lasting impact in the R&D world.

  • It simplifies the application, evaluation and justification procedures. 📑
  • Success rates are often higher, as these are less “popular” calls. 💪
  • Financing can range from €10,000 to €300,000, being projects between €100,000 and €150,000 the most common. 💶
  • The financial support is usually equity-free There is no equity or share capital assigned by any party. 👌
  • Most of these programs offer free incubation and acceleration services, specialized mentoring, and access to international networks of contacts. 👩‍🏫
  • It allows the transfer and exploitation of knowledge and the adoption of new technologies. 💻


We want to help you make these type of calls more accessible for your organisation. That is why we have designed a series of services to maximise your opportunities of receiving this financing:

  • Identification and analysis of funding opportunities: our team monitors all open calls and make a first check on the eligibility of your organization.
  • Proposals writing and submission management: we support you to land that idea that you have in mind and adapt it to the requirements of the call. In addition, we carry out the management and upload on the different platforms of all the necessary documentation to ensure that your project is eligible for the call.
  • Access to international network: if you have not identified a partner yet, or simply don’t know who to start this adventure with, in consortium projects we take care of finding the partner for your project.
  • Project management support: our service does not end with uploading the documentation, we help you throughout the full life cycle of the project, providing you management support and ensuring that you receive 100% of the grant you have won.

Finally, why limit yourself to just to this month calls? Take a long-term view and explore all the cascading funding opportunities waiting for you on our website! Don’t miss out on the chance to secure your financial future. We also have a free-subscription newsletter to be up to date with all the calls opening.

If you want to know more about our services for startups, do not hesitate to contact us and book a meeting with us through this link!

If you need assistance in the proposal writing preparation, finding the right partners for the call or even having a double-check on what you are currently preparing, do not hesitate to contact us

If you are, on the other hand, managing a cascade grant and want us to promote your call and do a review of this nature, feel free to contact, we can definitely address the topic and help with dissemination within our networks.

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