Sploro's November Tech Odyssey

Sploro's Team Heads to Web Summit, NGI Forum, and Green Deal Brokerage Event Next Week! Join us as we connect, collaborate, and explore new horizons in the tech world!

November is not just about the mellow fall hues; it’s about the vibrant spectrum of opportunities as Sploro paints its presence across Europe’s most influential tech and innovation events. We’re embarking on a thrilling expedition, and you’re on our VIP guest list!

Web Summit (Lisbon) 13-16th November

We kick off our journey at the heart of Portugal’s capital with the Web Summit in Lisbon. Picture this: a melting pot of the world’s most ambitious startups, accelerators, and the rich tech ecosystem, all under one sky.

It’s where the future is being shaped, one handshake at a time, and we’re on the front lines. Fancy a deep dive into the world of cascade funding? Or perhaps you’re looking to enrich the entrepreneurship ecosystem?

Our CEO, Miguel García, is  your go-to gurus. He will not only our pride but your potential allies in carving out your niche in the tech world. We are currently providing funding through our NGI Sargasso and Foodity open calls, so if you are into grant funds, this is the place to talk

NGI Forum (Brussels) 15-16th November

But don’t let the momentum drop because we’re just getting started! Our next rendezvous is at the NGI Forum in Brussels, where we’re stoking the fires of innovation for the next generation internet ecosystem.

This is where Sploro stands shoulder to shoulder with fellow pioneers to promote the open call by NGI Sargasso. It’s more than an event; it’s a nexus of ideas and collaborations that could define the digital landscape of tomorrow. Do connect with our NGI Sargasso team there, Virginia Gómez and Marta Fernández will be more than happy to connect.

Grean Deal Brokerage Event (Brussels) 16th November

Green Deal Brokerage Event 2023 Tubitak

As excitement builds, our itinerary brings us to an event of transformative potential: the ‘Towards the Green Future: The European Green Deal’ Brokerage Event in Brussels, hosted by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK). Here, on November 16, 2023, a confluence of sustainability, innovation, and foresight unfolds, offering a fertile ground for the seeds of future projects.

This prestigious event is a rallying point for the brightest minds from Europe and Turkey, aligning their research and innovation prowess with the European Union’s vision of a climate-neutral continent. It’s not just a symposium but a strategic junction for thought leaders in research and industry to delve into Horizon Europe’s upcoming calls.

At this gathering, our CEO Miguel Garcia will be thrilled to engage with you in the rich landscape of Brokerage Event and Workshops. It’s the perfect venue to discuss, develop, and drive the innovative ideas that will set the pace for 2024.

This one-day event is a beacon for academic luminaries, entrepreneurial innovators, and non-profit champions, all moving in sync with the Horizon Europe Calls. It’s an open invitation to academics, business entities, and nonprofits to exhibit their prowess, share their vision, and forge valuable partnerships.

The Brokerage Event is intricately designed with workshops across various clusters, from energy and mobility, circular economy, and bioeconomy, to digital industry and social science integration. Each workshop is carefully crafted to reflect the Green Deal’s fundamental goals, showcasing the integral role of the Green Deal across multiple disciplines


But what’s a symposium without spirited discussions and shared ambitions? Miguel, Virginia, and Marta are eager to explore, discuss, and delve into the realms of cascade funding, entrepreneurship ecosystem promotion, and the seedbed of groundbreaking ideas for 2024. We’re all about connections that matter, conversations that inspire, and collaborations that lead to action.

Mark your calendars, for these are not just events; they’re catalysts for change. Whether you’re looking to make an impact in the world of tech, foster sustainable innovation, or simply share a vision that could revolutionize our world, we’re here for it. And we hope you are too.

Come find us, let’s exchange ideas and embark on a journey of innovation and growth together. After all, at Sploro, we believe in the power of community, collaboration, and collective brilliance. So, are you ready to step into the future with us? We’re saving you a front-row seat to the tech revolution! Innovation awaits, and so do we.