Join us on October 31st at 10 AM (CET) for an exciting opportunity to be part of the sixth edition of the Sploro Cascade Funding Webinar Series! Get ready to explore the next Open Calls for cutting-edge innovations in Agriculture and Food Technology

Are you eager to explore the latest agri-food open calls that are set to close in the coming months? We’re excited to invite you to the sixth session of our Cascade Funding Monhtly Webinar Series. Join us as we dive deep into the cutting-edge opportunities in this dynamic field, offering valuable insights into four significant open calls. Don’t miss this session, scheduled for October 31st, 2023, at 10.00 CET.

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Cascade Funding - Session#6

Our event’s primary goal is to shine a spotlight on the next open calls within the agro-food sector.  Whether it’s groundbreaking solutions in agriculture or cutting-edge food production technologies, our Agro-Food Technology Funding InfoDay is your gateway to the future of agri-food experiences

Foodity logo

The FOODITY – Open Call #1 invites entities that are ready to create innovative data-driven solutions that will play a role in developing sustainable food systems while boosting citizen data sovereignty. This call focuses on three key areas: personalised nutrition, food sustainability and shopping experiences

Deadline: 8 November 2023
Funding: max. € 187.500 per project.


DRG4FOOD is an EU project about achieving trust in a data-driven food system by implementing Digital Responsibility Goals (DRGs) for the food sector. The main objective of DRG4Food Open Call #1 is to enable the development and testing of responsible data-driven solutions in the food sector’s key areas: food tracking, targeted nutrition, and enhancing consumers‘ food decisions.

Deadline: 11 December 2023
Funding: max. € 300.000 per project.

TITAN project

TITAN is an EU-funded project that will demonstrate the latest transparency-related solutions to help drive the formation of a demand-driven European economy predicted on the production and consumption of healthy, sustainable, and affordable food. TITAN organises an Open Call for innovative solutions to select and fund eight of the most innovative and ambitious pilots that will enhance the value of food supply chains through increased transparency.

Deadline: 1 December 2023
max. € 156.330 per project


ICAERUS is an EU funded project that aims to exploit the disruptive potential of drone technologies for creating significant positive impact for farmers and rural communities. The 1st PULL Open Call for farming, forestry and rural challenges will award 6 successful third-parties to implement projects aiming to utilise drones and the services built around them for individual commercial needs and/or community-related issues.

Deadline: 16 January 2024
Funding: max. € 50.000 per project.

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