Women TechEU 2nd Batch: Discover now the most promising women-led deep-tech startups in Europe

Women TechEU is a program launched by the European Innovation Council (EIC) with the aim of supporting women-led deep tech startups in Europe. The Women TechEU pilot scheme launched on 13 July 2021 and has just announce the results of the 2nd open call.

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has just announced the results of the 2nd call for the Women TechEU programme. This program aims to support women-led deep tech startups in Europe through coaching, mentoring, and funding opportunities. The 2nd call for proposals closed last October 4th 2022 and received a total of 467 applications from 35 countries.

Out of the 467 applications, 134 startups have been selected to receive funding and other support from Women TechEU. The selected startups will each receive a grant of €75,000, as well as coaching and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The startups will also have the opportunity to participate in and attend networking events with investors and industry experts.


Following the very encouraging response to the first pilot in 2021 (resulting in nearly 400 applications and 50 companies receiving funding), the European Commission doubled the budget to EUR 10 million this year and has fund 134 companies. The list of selected companies and organisations is available below:

Selected companies by country

Women TechEU 2nd Call by country

Selected companies by sector

Women TechEU 2nd Call by category


Selected startups in the Women TechEU call will receive funding, coaching and mentoring, visibility and exposure, and networking opportunities.

  • Funding: The selected startups will receive a grant of €75,000 to support their growth and development. This funding can be used for a variety of purposes, including research and development, hiring new staff, or expanding into new markets.
  • Coaching and mentoring: The selected startups will have access to experienced entrepreneurs and investors who will provide coaching and mentoring in topics such as leadership, internationalisation, business modelling, implementation strategy, market entry, fundraising, negotiating with investors, and much more, through the EIC’s Women Leadership Programme.
  • Visibility and exposure: The selected startups will have the opportunity to gain visibility and exposure through Women TechEU’s promotion and media channels. This exposure will help startups build their brand and reputation, attract new customers and partners, and increase their chances of securing future funding.
  • Networking: The selected startups will have the opportunity to attend networking events with investors, industry experts, and other startups in the program. These events will provide valuable opportunities for startups to make connections and find new partners and customers.

These benefits can help startups grow, refine their skills, make important connections, and increase their chances of securing future funding.


Overall, the 2nd call for Women TechEU was a success, with a higher number of funding available, number of applications and a diverse group of selected startups. Following the success of the Women TechEU program, the European Innovation Council (EIC) has announced plans to continue and expand the programme through a consortium of companies that will have the mission of organising the whole programme.

The consortium, that will come from the HORIZON-EIE-2023-CONNECT-01-01 call for proposals, will work together to provide even more funding (at least 11.25M€ will be allocated in a 2-year period), coaching, and mentoring opportunities to women-led deep tech startups in Europe. The Women TechEU program has been instrumental in addressing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital funding, and the EIC recognizes the importance of continuing and expanding this initiative. The consortium will bring together the expertise and resources of multiple organizations to support and promote women-led startups across Europe. More information about the consortium and its plans for the Women TechEU program will be announced in the coming months.

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