Sploro Keeps Empowering Women at PODIM 2024

Sploro, at the heart of PODIM in fostering women's entrepreneurship in tech industries

The PODIM conference, a leading startup and innovation event in Europe, made waves this year with its strong emphasis on promoting women leaders in technology. 

At the heart of this initiative was Sploro, a pivotal player in fostering women entrepreneurship in tech industries.

Sploro coordinates the EmpoWomen project and organised a panel discussion titled European initiatives promoting women leadership in technology within PODIM, underscoring its commitment to gender diversity and empowerment in the tech sector.

Maja Horvat at the Empowomen counter

Highlights of the EmpoWomen during the PODIM event

Recently, EmpoWomen presented the first cohort of 11 selected women-led startups in deep tech from the widening areas. Both the EmpoWomen project and these 11 startups were featured at PODIM, benefiting from networking opportunities and interactive sessions.

Miguel García, Anna Tórz, Taryn Andersen and Maja Horvat at the Empowomen panel discussion

EmpoWomen organized a panel discussion focusing on the topic on the 14th of May as a crucial part of PODIM’s broader mission to support and promote women entrepreneurs and leaders in technology.

The interest in the panel discussion showcases the attractiveness and appreciation of such initiatives, particularly among women. Supporting programmes like EmpoWomen are in high demand for women-led startups. As a golden unicorn partner of PODIM, it has gained lots of interest from various accelerators, incubators and business agencies to create synergies for future collaborations, acting as multipliers of the programme for next Open calls.

The fact is that deep tech startups have longer R&D cycles and need more time and capital to build up than normal startups.

Therefore, programs like EmpoWomen provide them with that much-needed boost through equity-free financing and support services.

We have found that investors and venture capitalists are much more interested in more developed startups, so EU-funded programs are a perfect trampoline to those opportunities.

It is important that we have a clear idea of what the next steps will be once the program is over. Our ambition is to connect startups with strategic partners who can take them to the next level.

Selected EmpoWomen startups at PODIM

PODIM concluded as an amazing experience with positive energy, facilitating inspiring meetings. Numerous interesting connections were made, not only with companies and investors but also with incubators and accelerators interested in spreading the word.

The Bigger Picture: European Initiatives Promoting Women in Tech

Miguel Garcia promoting Women TechEU at PODIM

                                                                                                                    Apart from EmpoWomen, Sploro is also contributing to Women TechEU initiative, whose first open call closes today, 20th May.

Other relevant initiatives in this field include Ready2Scale, which offers a 6-month acceleration programme for 25 digital and tech startups, and Women4Cyber Slovenia, a non-profit European foundation focusing on promoting, encouraging and supporting women in cybersecurity.

As a conclusion, Sploro’s engagement at PODIM is part of a broader European initiative to champion women leaders in technology.

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