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Explore a world of growth as we shift our focus to the nineth edition of the Cascade Funding Monthly Webinar Series! Join us as we dive deep into the cutting-edge opportunities in this dynamic field, offering valuable insights into four significant open calls.

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Cascade Funding - Session#10

Our event’s primary objective is to spotlight the upcoming opportunities in the field of Cascade Funding for European Innovators.

NGI MobiFree Logo

NGI MobiFree project focuses on the current landscape of the mobile software ecosystem, which is dominated by a small number of technologies known for collecting substantial amounts of user data. These technologies are closed-source, relying on proprietary data and standards, leading to user lock-in and market monopolization.

Deadline: 01 April 2024
Funding: € 50.000

NGI Commons Logo

NGI Commons main ambition is to help relevant NGI efforts to integrate and align with national and European digital commons policies. The project seeks to elaborate on a long-term strategy for Internet Commons (IC), which are critical for sovereignty and trust, helping to overcome fragmentation and close the gap between grassroot commoners’ initiatives and top-down sovereignty policies. 

Deadline: 01 April 2024
Funding: € 50.000

NGI0Core Logo

NGI Zero Core is looking for troubleshooters that help society tackle the ossification of the internet and other hard but very very important challenges, each of which has significant social and economic consequences. We need new ideas and disruptive core technologies, while at the same time evolving technologies that are still future-proof.

Deadline: 01 April 2024
Funding: € 50.000


NGI Taler TALER will roll out a new electronic payment system that benefits European citizens, merchants, and banks. GNU Taler is a privacy-preserving digital payment system developed by the GNU community and Taler Systems SA with 

Deadline: 01 April 2024
Funding: € 50.000


NGI Sargasso focuses on catalysing European collaboration with the US and Canada on topics such as trust and data sovereignty, digital identity, internet architecture renovation, decentralised technologies, and standards, which are of utmost importance to shape the future Internet.

Deadline: 15 May 2024
Funding: € 100.000

We’re inviting all you innovators and forward-thinkers to join us on an exciting journey of discovery and growth. Don’t miss the chance to be part of a vibrant community of visionaries and pioneers who love to collaborate and share knowledge.

At Sploro, we’re all about supporting innovators and giving a platform to groundbreaking projects. Come along with us as we kick off our tenth Cascade Funding Info Session. Let’s work together to unlock new opportunities and shape a future where innovation knows no bounds. Visit our website and start your cascade funding adventure today!

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