Join us on January 17th at 10 AM (CET) for an exciting opportunity to be part of the eighth edition of the Sploro Cascade Funding Webinar Series!

Explore a world of growth as we shift our focus to the eighth edition of the Cascade Funding Monthly Webinar Series! This edition is dedicated to Startup Europe: Accelerating Deep Tech Startups in Europe. Connect with key ecosystems, gain insights into innovation procurement, and propel your startup journey to new heights. Join us for an enriching experience and uncover pathways to success in the dynamic landscape of startup acceleration.. Don’t miss this session, scheduled for January 8th 2023, at 10.00 CET.

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Cascade Funding - Session#8

Our event’s primary objective is to spotlight the upcoming opportunities in the field of deep tech startups in Europe. This is your pathway to gain insights into accelerating your deep tech startup in the vibrant ecosystem of Europe!

EmpoWomen Project Logo

EmpoWomen offers a unique programme for scaling up women-led companies with the objective of creating an exclusive support programme for female founders and entrepreneurs leading deep-tech startups from widening-area countries to grow into tomorrow’s female tech leaders and put women at the forefront of deep tech in the world.

Deadline: 8 March 2024
Funding: max. € 45.000 per project.

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D2SCALE establishes a platform for deep tech and digital ventures focusing on 10 key sectors such as transportation, logistics, commerce, and smart cities. It aims to drive the growth and sustainability of 100 advanced technology companies, providing mentorship and strategic connections within the European ecosystem.

Startup Europe Logo

Ready2Scale aims to connect digital and deep-tech (DDT) startup ecosystems, including those from widening countries, increasing their engagement with the EIC, national and international offerings, and enhancing their capabilities to scale beyond national borders.

We’re inviting all you innovators and forward-thinkers to join us on an exciting journey of discovery and growth. Don’t miss the chance to be part of a vibrant community of visionaries and pioneers who love to collaborate and share knowledge.

At Sploro, we’re all about supporting innovators and giving a platform to groundbreaking projects. Come along with us as we kick off our eighth Cascade Funding Info Session. Let’s work together to unlock new opportunities and shape a future where innovation knows no bounds. Visit our website and start your cascade funding adventure today!