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Session#12 - FOOD OPEN CALLS

Our event’s primary objective is to spotlight the upcoming opportunities in the field of Cascade Funding for European Innovators.

FOODITY invites entities willing to create innovative data-driven solutions and develop sustainable food systems while driving citizen data sovereignty. The program will offer tailored mentoring services for scale-up, technical support and sustainability, as well as financial support.

Deadline: 10th July 2024
Funding: €187,500

DRG4FOOD invites multidisciplinary consortia to develop data-driven solutions aligned with Digital Responsibility Goals, actively engaging end users. Consortia must include 2-3 entities such as startups, SMEs, research organizations, universities, technology adopters, and users from the food sector, focusing on NGOs and consumer associations.

Deadline: 21st June 2024
Funding: € 300,000

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