South Summit 2022. Our review before the event

South Summit Madrid was born in 2012 as Spain Startup to boost economy through innovation and entrepreneurship. This year’s edition will be the 10th aniversary of the event, and they are preparing the best edition to day, wanna know more? 

What is the event about?

South Summit is one of the most relevant entrepreneurial and business events in the European scene. The event was originally born with after the economic crisis with the belief that the entrepreneurial spirit would be the driving force to heal the economy. During the 10 editions, more than 25.000 startups and 1.300 investors have been participating in the event, that has witnessed the growth of some of the top European Unicorns such Glovo or Cabify.


The scope of this edition will follow the same goal than the previous ones which is none other than connecting key players in the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems, find new business opportunities and make connections for businesses to grow. The existing sponsors range from global companies like Google for Startups, BBVA or Endesa , to top innovation companies like Mondragon, Acciona, Decathlon Open Innovation, Paypal or SAP. An interesting ecosystem with a very international audience seems an interesting opportunity to get to know about latest developments. A very dense agenda with keynotes and an interesting exhibition area will fulfill La Nave in Madrid from the 8th to the 10th of June.

Interesting stuff in the agenda

Keynotes by diamond sponsors can give a grasp of the overall topics in the agenda. The programme is divided in 8 different tracks: Intelligent – Complex Systems, Innovation & Ecosystems, ClimateTech, FinTech, Decentralisation, Value Based Business, Sustainably, New Dimensions, and Sustainable Infrastructure. Each of the track underscores a set of related technologies and methods, that include among others AI, connectivity, Industry 5.0, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Cybersecurity or Smart Mobility. 

During the fisrt day attendees will hear from top European Leaders of the startup ecosystem talking about how we are going to take Europe to the next level to be an ecosystem of envy to the world. In the second day the event will kick off the topic on how tackling climate change and figure out the best steps to net zero. In the last day the next generation of movers & shakers will be announced in the context of the South Summit Startup competition, preceded by some of the world’s most exciting startup success stories.

South Summit Startup Competition

South Summit’s Startup Competition has already become a benchmark for innovation, and it brings together the most innovative startups of each edition. The benefits for the selected startups can range from pitch and networking opportunities, demo booth to showcase the startup and gain visibility, free tickets, media expousure and mentoring. As in previous editions, the startup competition engage and select 100 startups in 10 different categories. Below you can find the list of the 100 selected startups by category:

    • Comms & Channels: Alana AI, AR Vision, inSteamly, Streamion, Nware, Overly, Syntonys, Virtual Zone, Wedio, Quantic Brains.
    • Connectivity & Data: Fossa, Opticks, RepScan, Swidch, Codee, Formaloo, Cux, Piperlab, Decentriq.
    • Consumer Trends: ColorSensing, DSruptive, Hamelyn, HarBestMarket, Insttantt, Katch, Siga, Zeg-ai.
    • Digital Business: BizaWAy, Citibeats, Usyncro, Kotozna, Last.app, Napptive, parallel, Slang, TramitApp.
    • Education: BCas, Bemyvega, Classlife, Singularity Experts, Wrtn, Tech Adaptika, Vocal Image, MobileTrain, Lifecole.
    • Energy Transition & Sutainability: Aplanet, Powerlabs, Plexigrid, RypLabs, Hamwells, Star Robotics, Venvirotech, Wegaw.
    • Fintech & Insurtech: Bsurance, Colibid, Apres2, Nemuru, PayFlow, Penni.io, TwinCoCapital, Uelz, Vitaance.
    • Health & Wellbeing: CyberSurgery, Finnadvance, Hyfe, Integra Therapeutics, Nucaps, A4cell, Marsi-bionics, SentientMed, Timeisbrain, Tucuvi.
    • Industry 5.0: AirTrace, Arkadia Space, Orora Technologies, CubeXGlobal, KitAR, MiFood Robot, NextMol, Simplecloud.io.
    • Mobility & Smart Cities: EVA, Molabo, Pangea, Postis, Road.Travel, SimpliRoute, Skandal.tech, HeyCharge, Zeleros, TXTechMox, 4Screen.
If you want to know more about these startups you can have a look at the official competition’s website.

Tickets and pricing

According to the website the official pricing is divided in three categories. The common human beings can attend from 119€ (attendee). The Business Pass is 699€. Executive pass is 1099€. There are also significant discounts for groups but you will need to reach out the organisers by email, and if you are lucky and know any sponsors probably a free ticket too.

Meeting Sploro during the event

We will be there next wednesday 8th June, but feel free to book us a slot to have a coffee, show us your latest demo or introduce us your innovation plans for your company. We will be more than happy to connect and let you know how Sploro can help your startup with our services for startups. You can easily find our CEO, Miguel, available for a chat in the Swapcard application, but if you don’t have access to it feel free to drop us an email.

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