I am
an entrepreneur supporter

So, your organisation helps entrepreneurs. Thank you! Your role in the innovation ecosystems is crucial to shape and nurture the companies of tomorrow. It is also true, though, that innovation ecosystems are complex and sometimes it is hard to know how to scale up your own organisation to help startups.

Sploro can help you to:


Redefine the strategy

We help you think. Side by side with you to analyze the situation and create an action plan that will help you increasing impact.


Internationalize your network

We introduce you to other accelerators, incubators or international agents that are going through your same ups and downs, searching partners for you to actively collaborate with them.


Audit your selection process

 Have I discarded the next unicorn from my running programmes? Let us review your call, evaluation and selection process.


Organize your calls

Our web platform helps you with the onboarding process of your startups. From the open call to the evaluation, coaching sessions, mentoring and portfolio management. Everything can be done online


Get funding

 We help you getting European grants that fully or partially finance your new programmes and initiatives within programmes like Horizon Europe.