I am
a corporate

As a large corporation you have plenty of resources and people working at the innovation department. Nevertheless, it is sometimes complicated to organize in a place with so many people working with different priorities. You want to collaborate with other innovation stakeholders but need someone close to you helping during the process.

Sploro can help you to:


Embrace open innovation

We organize workshops with you and your team to identify the technology challenges you are facing. We help in the definition and search for the best startups to sort the challenge out. You can use our platform to run a fully online open innovation process.


Launch an open call

You have your own challenges, and you just need startups to sort them out. Use our platform to help you with the onboarding process, selection, mentoring sessions and portfolio management. Everything’s online.


Raise funding for R&D

We help you maximizing your innovation investments. We can help you getting grants from major EU institutions joining forces with top research, universtities and technology startups in Europe.


Manage your EU projects

Forget about heavy admin burden. We help you justify the grants to the public administration. Back-office processes are on us.