Let’s make innovation comprehensible for everyone

Innovation is defined as the process and action of innovating. Makes sense, but actually does not explain what it means. Wikipedia goes a bit further and says innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods and services.
So innovation, therefore, is very related to new goods, services and their related processes. It seems clear that innovation is very linked to the “market” as a wide concept of a place where humans trade goods and services.
Nevertheless, innovation, is the end of another widely 3-step processed known as R&D&I, Research, Development and Innovation. Traditionally in Europe the R&D is better known as RTD (Research and technological development) but in sum, R&D are the previous activities needed to take new products and services into the market (innovations).
Sploro is born to help and understand how this whole process of kwnowledge creation, or research, is transformed into new technology developments (RTDs) which can unlock innovations that are pushed into the markets in the form of new products, services and advances.
We are just warming up, but the path is set. We provide services in innovation strategy, project building, fundraising, fund management, startup scouting and business modelling for all shorts of organisations which might need our help.
So if you want to reach us, feel free to shoot us an email and one of our innovation explorers will guide you.