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Timesheets for researchers, properly filled

Software to support your organisation with your time-keeping procedures for your research and innovation projects. Kronis has been built to be Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe compliant. No more pains justifying personnel expenses.

Why Kronis?

Make your R&D granted projects flow without problems. Use Kronis with all your team members so that time is properly registered making justifications a smooth process.

Plan ahead

Forecast your use of resources based on your personnel costs and ongoing Horizon actions. No more planning pains!

Timesheet control

Simple and easy. Your team will register their time at WP level. Managers validate their time electronically afterwards.

Scalable and eligible

You only pay the projects active on the platform. Grow as you raise more funding. Kronis qualifies as an eligible cost!


Kronis is very easy to use. Schedule and reporting in a few clicks.

GDPR compliant

Your data is safe with us and follows EU regulation in personal data.


We follow the latest updates of the Framework programmes.

Your first project is ALWAYS free!

If you want to start working with Kronis, do not hesitate to use our free-forever trial. We are so sure you will start using Kronis that we offer you our software 100% free. Manage your first Horizon project with us at any time. As simple as registering clicking on the button below:

Kronis works better than your customized Excel sheet

Avoid changing timesheets everytime you win a new project

Everytime you win a project, the timesheet needs to reflect this with all the new WPs. Updating the timesheet-spreadsheet is a real pain.

No more “add files” breaking all your formula. Kronis updates the timesheet everytime you win a project and register it on the platform.


When reporting means linking files and handmade formula

Estimations, comparing the official budget with your resources, building the comparative formula to check for deviations. Every project works with a different file and you have to link them all.

Avoid wasting your time. We provide you an integrated view of your projects, deviations, costs and time reported.

It was never so easy to control your R&D performance.

Remember to sign the timesheet

From time to time you need to check the pending timesheets right? Who’s signed? Who’s not signed?

Kronis sends automatic reminders to everyone and offers you a unique control panel to check who’s signed and who’s not.

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Kronis is 100% online 100% scalable 100% eligible 100% compliant free to try