Exploring Horizons: Cascading European Funds and Capacity Building for your Company

Find out how to access European funding at our first exclusive event. Register now and boost your business with cascade funding!

We are pleased to announce Sploro’s first event, “Exploring Horizons”. This event is designed to help startups and SMEs access European funds in a more agile and efficient way. Want to know more? Read on and make sure to register in our form to secure your place.

What is cascade funding and why is it important?

Cascade funding is a mechanism of the European Commission that ensures the arrival of funds mainly to startups and SMEs. This format has significant advantages for financing innovation compared to other European programs

Streamlined Processes

Higher Success Rates

Flexible Funding Spectrum

Equity-Free Support

If you want to understand what Cascade Funding is in 4 steps

However, this mechanism is still relatively unknown, especially in Navarra, Spain, where participation is limited. Therefore, we have organized this event to disseminate information and facilitate access to these funding opportunities.

What is the event about?

Our “Exploring Horizons” event is designed to be as effective and useful as possible for attendees. Below is the program for the event

Date and Place

Date: Friday, September 13, 2024

Time: 9 am to 13 pm

Place: CEIN, Polígono Mocholí, Pl. Cein, 5, 31110 Noáin, Navarra.


Why attend this event?

Exclusive access to European experts

You will have the opportunity to listen and learn directly from representatives of the European Commission, F6S, Funding Box and Sploro, who will share their experiences and practical advice on how to access European funds.

Connect and collaborate

Connect with other innovators, startups and SMEs from Navarra and surrounding regions. This event will not only provide you with valuable information, but will also be an excellent opportunity to network and establish connections that could be crucial for the future of your company.

Personalized mentoring

Participate in sectoral mentoring workshops where experts will guide you through open and future calls that may be of interest to your specific sector. You will receive direct, personalized advice that will help you identify and apply for the most relevant funding opportunities for your business.

Promoting equality and sustainability

Sploro is committed to following an inclusive and sustainable approach in the organization of this event, ensuring gender equality and responsible use of resources.

Target audience

This event is aimed at three main groups:

  1. Navarran startups and SMEs: Especially those with high innovation or technological background.
  2. Research groups with high technological specialization.
  3. Startup incubators and accelerators

Register now!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to access European funds and boost your company’s growth, register in our form and secure your place in “Exploring Horizons”!

We look forward to seeing and helping you access new funding opportunities, so don’t miss out!