Cascade Funding Opportunities - September 2023

Maximize Your R&D Funding: 25 Cascade Opportunities Shuttering by September 2023!

In the ever-evolving landscape of research and development, securing the necessary funding is a pivotal step towards transforming innovative ideas into impactful realities. As we approach the twilight of September 2023, a unique window of opportunity emerges for ambitious researchers, SMEs, Startups and innovators.

We bring forth a comprehensive compilation that unveils not just one, but 25 cascade funding opportunities primed to close within this after-summer month. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a dedicated scientist, or a creative thinker, the time has come to take charge of your R&D endeavors. 

If you haven’t already, be sure to delve into our recent article, an essential guide to understanding Cascade Funding. This knowledge will serve as your compass as you traverse the funding terrain with certainty. Seize this moment to propel your dreams closer to reality! Discover the available opportunities and start working on your applications today, setting your ambitions in motion for a promising future!



IMAGINE-B5G: First IMAGINE-B5G Open Call for Vertical Experiments and Platform Extensions.

The objective of IMAGINE-B5G is to provide an advanced open platform for large-scale trials and pilots in Europe for 5G. The platform aims to demonstrate the automation (based on artificial intelligence) of the 5G mobile core and use case components, as well as the dynamic and automated adaptation of the network to changes in the public cloud or edge cloud.

In the first open call, third parties are invited to present proposals:

  • To test and validate their novel vertical applications through pilots and trials on the IMAGINE-B5G facilities
  • To provide novel features through hardware and software extensions to the IMAGINE-B5G facilities thanks to the openness of the platform.

Max.Funding: 150.000€
Deadline: 01/09/2023
Website:  LINK 


BY-COVID:Support for the implementation of SARS-CoV-2 data hubs at national and regional levels.

The BY-COVID project has an open call for proposals to support the implementation of additional SARS-CoV-2 data hubs to increase the flow of viral sequence data into the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), in line with open science principles. The call contributes to the broader ambition of creating a pan-European network for the mobilisation and analysis of pathogen data, including from SARS-CoV-2.

Max.Funding: 60.000€
Deadline: 01/09/2023
Website: LINK

Leviatad Logo

LEVIATAD: Supporting the innovation and internationalisation of European small and medium-sized enterprises in the defence sector

The project “Level 1 Accelerator for Defence Sector” (hereinafter LEVIATAD) aims at creating the 1st Eurocluster of excellence on naval defence. This call will finance projects that contribute to the following objectives: a) fostering innovation as well as green and digital transition of SMEs (innovation); b) increasing presence of European SMEs in the international value chains (internationalization).

Project applications and their outputs must fall into one (or more) of the priorities of the naval, aero-naval and defense sector listed below:

  • autonomous ships and drones
  • communication and cybersecurity
  • on-board equipment development and performance improvement
  • predictive maintenance
  • weapon systems improvement
  • decarbonization of ships


Max.Funding: 10.000€
Deadline: 04/09/2023
Website: LINK 

X2.0 Logo

X2.0: Open call in the Health & BioTech sector.

X2.0 is looking for HealthTech startups with solutions in the following: mobile health apps, electronic health and medical records, wearable devices (linked to health), telehealth and telemedicine, and management and IT software (linked to health). X2.0 is seeking startups that have a clear role in the areas of biopharmaceuticals, cell therapy, gene therapy and genome editing, antimicrobial resistance, pain and addiction, drug development, review and lifecycle management, rare diseases and orphan drugs, and vaccines and biodefense.

Max.Funding: 30.000€
Deadline: 05/09/2023
Website: LINK

AIBC Eurocluster Logo

AIBC EUROCLUSTERS: Open Call for Training

This Open Call supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in their digitalisation planning activities related to activating Services and support in Product Development to further support their twin transition (digital and green). It is targeted to European SMEs from the manufacturing, mobility, logistics and energy sectors, working on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Blockchain (BC) technologies technologies and/or interested in adopting AI & BC solutions to become more digital, resilient and green.

Max.Funding: 5.000€

AIBC EUROCLUSTERS: Open Call for Participation to International Events

Support SMEs and start-ups working on AI & BC technologies that are interested in participating in International Events related these technologies. 

Max.Funding: 2.000 €
Website: LINK

GreenSME Hub

GreenSME: Driving manufacturing SME transformation towards green, digital and social sustainability.

The objective of this call is to financially support the manufacturing SMEs that will submit proposals with the aim of implementing the recommendations elaborated during the sustainability assessment (SAT) and Advanced Sustainability Action Plan (ASAP) in order to become more sustainable with greater adaptability and resilience. In this pathway, manufacturing SMEs will be supported by Accredited Sustainability and Technology Providers whose list is available on the greenSME HUB and on the project website.

Max.Funding: 50.000€
Deadline: 06/09/2023
Website: LINK

Climarest Logo

CLIMAREST: Resilient ecosystems for resilient communities.

The objective of the call is to facilitate the replication of demonstrated technologies and tools for marine restoration in associated regions in new projects after CLIMAREST is finished (2026-2030). Suitable associated regions are the ones that face similar challenges and needs for restoration and climate resilience measures as the demonstration areas. Third parties from the associated regions are expected to take part in the preparation of replication blueprints and business roadmaps for replication in their region based on the experiences in the CLIMAREST demonstration cases.

Max.Funding: 100.000€
Deadline: 08/09/2023
Website: LINK

Resetting Logo

RESETTING:Relaunching European smart and Sustainable Tourism models Through digitalization and Innovative technologies.

Call for SMEs in the tourism sector that are registered in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Albania and Italy.
This call aims to foster SMEs’ capacities and skills to uptake innovative, digital and smart solutions and new technologies, which will improve their tourism management and the tourism offer in general. This call also addresses training and business needs that tourism SMEs require to adapt to trends, challenges and opportunities.

Max.Funding: 9.000€
Deadline: 10/09/2023
Website: LINK

Rural Tourism EUROCLUSTER logo

Rural Tourism EUROCLUSTER: Open call for tourism SMEs.

The Rural Tourism EuroCluster is looking for Micro- and Nano SMEs that are in the tourism sector and are based in any EU member state or third country participating in the COSME programme and are interested in improving digital, eco-sustainability, and soft/social skills.

The objective is to assist them in designing and developing new tourism products for international markets, incorporating digital, sustainable, and socio-cultural improvements.

Max.Funding: 5.000€
Deadline: 10/09/2023
Website: LINK

AIBC Eurocluster Logo

AIBC EUROCLUSTERS: Open Call for Digitalisation Services and Product Development


This Open Call supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in their digitalisation planning activities related to activating Services and support in Product Development to further support their twin transition (digital and green). It is targeted to European SMEs from the manufacturing, mobility, logistics and energy sectors, working on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Blockchain (BC) technologies technologies and/or interested in adopting AI & BC solutions to become more digital, resilient and green.

Max.Funding: 15.000€

Open Call for Project Proposals.


This Open Call supports European companies (SMEs) in the development of projects for piloting and/or demonstrating new or improved digital and environmentally friendly products and services that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or Blockchain (BC) to support/increase twin
transition in at least one of the AIBC sectors: manufacturing, mobility, logistics and energy.



Max.Funding: 65.000€
Deadline: 12/09/2023
Website: LINK

Digital Health Uptake Logo

Digital Health Uptake: Open Call for twinnings

Digital Health Uptake (DHU) is offering financial support to third parties to support knowledge transfer on and scaling up of digital health innovation across Europe through a twinning programme.
Twinning Activities may include, for example, hosting meetings, organising technical groups, travelling, accommodation. The duration of a twinning can vary depending on its complexity, but most twinnings typically last between 3 and 9 months.

Max.Funding: 8.000€
Deadline: 13/09/2023
Website: LINK


I4-GREEN: Boosting EU Interregional Collaboration.

The aim of the I4-GREEN Open Call is to provide an opportunity to European SMEs in the target raw materials and mining sectors to develop products, technologies, solutions, and services in collaboration with SMEs from emerging and advanced sectors, and to provide direct financial support to SMEs through innovation vouchers.

Max.Funding: 30.000€
Deadline: 15/09/2023
Website: LINK

NGI Trustchain Logo

Trust Chain: TrustChain Open Call 2 (OC2) on “User Privacy and Data Governance”

The objective of the present Open Call is to develop tools, cryptographic mechanisms, and other algorithms for data handling and sharing as well as for the management of data lakes in compliance with the GDPR and other regulations that implement techniques such as:

  • Multi-party data sharing mechanisms,
  • Federated learning mechanisms considering both vertical and horizontal frameworks,
  • Encrypted data analytics based on homomorphic encryption,
  • Secure and privacy preserving data analytics mechanisms based on local and global data privacy techniques,
  • Privacy-preserving usage of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud or combinations of those environments to provide the decentralised next generation smart digital services.

Max.Funding: 200.000€
Deadline: 20/09/2023
Website: LINK


A-AAGORA: Call for Associated Regions.

The A-AAGORA consortium aims at supporting 7 ’Associated Regions’, considering the maximum financial support of EUR 70,000, ranging the 4 referential basins (Atlantic+Arctic, Baltic, Mediterranean, Danube/Black Sea).  A-AAGORA project is responding to the need:

  • To protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, prevent and eliminate pollution of our ocean, seas and waters, and make the sustainable blue economy carbon-neutral and circular.
  • To protect valuable ecosystems located in coastal communities particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, namely the risks of sea level rise and to the loss of biodiversity due to increased pollution.
  • To mitigate the effects of climate change, an increase in engagement with citizens is a key component, while promoting societal well-being

Deadline: 24/09/2023
Website: LINK

Euro-Emotur Logo

Euro-Emotur: The journey towards digitalisation. Thinking digital tourism through neuromarketing and emotions.

This Call seeks applications by eligible European Tourism SMEs to be recipients of financial support via a system of vouchers – benefitting from analysis, support and mentoring, provided to improve consumer digital experience by applying neuromarketing methodologies. The maximum amount of financial support for each Third-Party Beneficiary awarded via vouchers is €10.000, the average award is likely to be awarded €3.000-€5.000 in vouchers.

Max.Funding: 5.000€
Deadline: 27/09/2023
Website: LINK

SoTecIn Factory Logo

SOTECIN Factory: Open Call for Social Innovators.

The call will provide selected innovators direct support and guidance towards the development and implementation of their solution and access to specialized and qualified resources within various disciplines and technologies aiming to create economic and social ecological impacts.  The innovators are encouraged to submit social innovation projects that addresses higher value circular economy strategies – Refuse, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture, to fundamentally restructure value chains to be low-carbon and circular.

This open call will select and direct fund organizations to propose a convincing innovative product or service, benefiting from the use of digital tools, with a clear market that will disrupt current linear value chains towards circular ones.

Max.Funding: 100.000€
Deadline: 28/09/2023
Website: LINK

inno4scale Logo

Inno4Scale: New algorithms for applications on European exascale supercomputers.

This call for proposals targets highest quality research and development studies leading to proof of-concept demonstrators exhibiting enhanced performance relevant for important applications executed on exascale systems. The call addresses researchers that have identified novel concepts for computational solutions of important numerical problems in scientific applications and use cases which rely on exascale supercomputers.

Max.Funding: 200.000€
Deadline: 28/09/2023
Website: LINK


XR2LEARN: Leveraging the EU XR industry technologies to empower immersive learning.

XR2Learn open call 1: XR-application development. In this open call, the goal is for the applicant(s) to propose the development of novel enablers or applications along with specific use case specifications, to expand the enablers sets and the marketplace assets. In this case, the inclusion in the consortium of a potential user/early adopter can be a plus(although not mandatory) as it can be valuable in the application specification
process. It is however mandatory for the applicant (s) to propose a specific educational scenario as a means to ensure the business potential of the application. In addition to presenting the technological concept and the use of XR technologies (which is mandatory), applicants are requested to provide initial exploitation plans and business scenarios, as these are important elements of the XR2Learn evaluation criteria.

Max.Funding: 300.000€
Deadline: 29/09/2023
Website: LINK

EcoReady Project

ECO-READY: Join the network of Living Labs to co-create and test climate-adaptive and climate-mitigating solutions for the agri-food sector in Europe.

The objective of the ECO-READY Open Call is to establish a network of Living Labs that will be connected to the ECO-READY Observatory. The observatory will serve as a central platform for food security, biodiversity, and climate change expertise in Europe for central and local authorities, society, and all agrifood stakeholders interested in taking action to combat food insecurity and climate change in Europe. The participating Living Labs will benefit from connections with project-consorted research centers.

Max.Funding: 400.000€
Deadline: 30/09/2023
Website: LINK

NGI Enrichers Logo

NGI Enrichers: Fellowship Programme.

The NGI Enrichers programme supports European NGI researchers and innovators to spend 3-6 months in the US or to Canada. During the expeditions, researchers and innovators will work and collaborate with US and Canadian hosts organisations, enhancing knowledge-sharing and establishing long-term collaborations on NGI technologies, services, and standards. The programme provides travel funding and living allowance for visiting Fellows from Europe. It supports both Fellows and their host institutions with activities such as bootcamps, training, mentorship sessions, and community building.

Max.Funding: 26.000€
Deadline: 30/09/2023
Website: LINK

ELBE Eurocluster

ELBE EUROCLUSTER:European Strategic Cluster Partnership in Offshore Renewable energy

The ELBE Alliance aims at positioning Europe as the world technological and industrial leader in Offshore Renewable Energy. It gathers seven European clusters with top expert companies and R&D organizations in Offshore Renewable Energy to tackle the expansion of this sector beyond Europe. This Alliance offers new opportunities to SMEs in offshore energy to share technology, establish alliances and create new business models across different sectors.

Max.Funding: 60.000€
Deadline: 30/09/2023
Website: LINK

Tettris Project Logo

TETTRIs: Transforming European Taxonomy through Training, Research and Innovations

TETTRIs aims to enhance the understanding of the diversity of life on Earth through research, training, and innovation in taxonomy, particularly in European biodiversity hotspots and protected areas.

This call supports research and innovation projects for transforming European taxonomy. The call invites proposals that contribute to validating the nine TETTRIs outcomes and expanding mechanisms for engaging in taxonomy-related participation in specific areas of high diversity and subject to special protection.

Max.Funding: 200.000€
Deadline: 30/09/2023
Website: LINK

Friend CCI Project Logo

Friend CCI: Open Call for project proposals dedicated to SMEs to reinforce innovation and internationalisation in Cultural and Creative Industries

The FRIEND CCI call for proposals is dedicated to SMEs and focuses on building resilience and boosting the twin transformation to reinforce innovation and internationalisation in Cultural and Creative Industries.  The FRIEND CCI project offers financial support to SMEs in the form of grants, directed to the development and implementation of cross-sectoral projects aimed to bring innovation both at the level of products and at the level of processes/ technologies, with a specific eye on the needs linked to the twin transition. To this end, the support will entail mandatory training and upskilling/ reskilling activities, according to the specific needs of SMEs, and including skills needed for the green and digital transition

Max.Funding: 50.000€
Deadline: 30/09/2023
Website: LINK


As a researcher, innovator, SME, startup, or mid-cap company, you can tap into public funds to adopt or develop digital technologies, all while streamlining administrative processes and getting faster access to finance. With Cascade Funding (also known as financial support to third parties (FSTP), you’ll have the tools and financial support you need to take your business to the next level and make a lasting impact in the R&D world.

  • It simplifies the application, evaluation and justification procedures. 📑
  • Success rates are often higher, as these are less “popular” calls. 💪
  • Financing can range from €10,000 to €300,000, being projects between €100,000 and €150,000 the most common. 💶
  • The financial support is usually equity-free There is no equity or share capital assigned by any party. 👌
  • Most of these programs offer free incubation and acceleration services, specialized mentoring, and access to international networks of contacts. 👩‍🏫
  • It allows the transfer and exploitation of knowledge and the adoption of new technologies. 💻


We want to help you make these type of calls more accessible for your organisation. That is why we have designed a series of services to maximise your opportunities of receiving this financing:

  • Identification and analysis of funding opportunities: our team monitors all open calls and make a first check on the eligibility of your organization.
  • Proposals writing and submission management: we support you to land that idea that you have in mind and adapt it to the requirements of the call. In addition, we carry out the management and upload on the different platforms of all the necessary documentation to ensure that your project is eligible for the call.
  • Access to international network: if you have not identified a partner yet, or simply don’t know who to start this adventure with, in consortium projects we take care of finding the partner for your project.
  • Project management support: our service does not end with uploading the documentation, we help you throughout the full life cycle of the project, providing you management support and ensuring that you receive 100% of the grant you have won.

Finally, why limit yourself to just to this month calls? Take a long-term view and explore all the cascading funding opportunities waiting for you on our website! Don’t miss out on the chance to secure your financial future. We also have a free-subscription newsletter to be up to date with all the calls opening.

If you want to know more about our services for startups, do not hesitate to contact us and book a meeting with us through this link!

If you need assistance in the proposal writing preparation, finding the right partners for the call or even having a double-check on what you are currently preparing, do not hesitate to contact us

If you are, on the other hand, managing a cascade grant and want us to promote your call and do a review of this nature, feel free to contact, we can definitely address the topic and help with dissemination within our networks.

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