Cascade Funding Opportunities - April 2024

Discover 20 Cascade Funding Opportunities for Your April 2024 success!

Get ready for April 2024 with Cascade Funding! We’ve gathered 20 Cascade Funding opportunities for small businesses, startups, researchers, and innovators in Europe!

These opportunities can help push your projects forward. Embrace the new month with optimism and take steps towards your goals. So, explore these avenues and start your journey towards success and innovation in research!


Perform Europe Logo

Perform Europe: The Open Call of Perform Europe 2023 – 2026

Perform Europe is a forward-looking funding scheme for the European performing arts sector. Through an open call, Perform Europe will support inclusive, diverse and green touring projects submitted by applicants from the 40 Creative Europe countries.

Max.Funding: 60.000€
Deadline: 01/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

NGI MobiFree Logo

NGI Mobifree: More ethical and human mobile software.

Mobifree is a pilot programme designed to push beyond the status quo of mobile software, and create a virtuous cycle of innovation through free and open source software, libre hardware and open standards.
The key objective is to deliver potential break-through contributions to the open internet. All scientific outcomes must be published as open access, and any software and hardware must be published under a recognised open source license in its entirety.

Deadline: 01/04/2024
Website:  LINK 


NGI Taler: Privacy-preserving digital payments.

NGI TALER objective is to roll out a new electronic payment system that benefits everyone: people, merchants, banks, financial authorities, auditors and anti-corruption researchers. NGI Taler invites internet innovtors to contribute to help reshape the state of play of digital payment systems, and to help create an open, trustworthy and reliable internet for all.

Max.Funding: 60.000 €
Deadline: 01/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

NGI0 Commons Logo

NGI Zero Commons Funds: Create, mature and grow internet commons.

NGI Zero goal is to help deliver, mature and scale new internet commons across the whole technology spectrum, from libre silicon to middleware, from P2P infrastructure to convenient end user applications.

Max.Funding: 50,000 €
Deadline: 01/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

Susrur open call

SUSRUR: Towards SUStainability and resilient scenarios for tourism SMEs in RUral & Remote

The SUSRUR project’s INNOVATE Program is targeting SMEs in the tourism sector across five European rural and remote areas. The call aims to support up to 80 tourism SMEs in implementing sustainable and innovative practices.
The Open Call #2 objectives:
● Uptake and replicate good practices to enhance SMEs sustainability.
● Promote adoption of sustainable practices through Certification Schemes and/or Labels.
● Develop management skills for SMEs’ overall performance in digital and green transition.

Max.Funding: 7.000 €
Deadline: 03/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

OpenWebSearch.eu Logo

OpenWebSearch.eu: Piloting a Cooperative Open Web Search Infrastructure to Support Europe’s Digital Sovereignty

OpenWebSearch.eu is looking to onboard third-party computing and data centres for the provision of infrastructure to host parts of the Open Web Index (OWI). Additional emphasis placed on a green computing strategy and on solid security as related infrastructure will be of advantage.

Max.Funding: 150.000 €
Deadline: 04/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

suave euroclusters

SUAVE: Stimulating SMEs in new Urban Agriculture Value Chain for sustainable growth in Europe.

The SUAVE project targets European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating in the field of Urban Agriculture so that they have the opportunity to benefit from different types of support services valued at €1,050,000. For this second call for projects, a total amount of 366.000 euros for the following activities:
– Training
– Internationalisation.

Max.Funding: 7.500 €
Deadline: 07/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

ZMINA Rebuilding Logo

ZMINA: Rebuilding. The second call for proposals for international projects.

The call aims to support cultural organisations working with peers from Creative Europe countries, including Ukraine, to present high-visibility cooperation projects. Projects must increase the showcasing of Ukrainian culture abroad and share perspectives internationally, particularly in reimagining, reinventing, and reconstructing communities.

Max.Funding: 60.000 €
Deadline: 08/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

SPADE logo

SPADE: Open Innovation for Agriculture Drone Technology Advancement.

Τhe strategic objective of SPADE is to develop an Intelligent Ecosystem to address the multiple purposes concept in the light of deploying UAVs to promote sustainable digital services for the benefit of a large scope of various end users in the sectors of agriculture, forestry, and livestock.
The main objective of the call, which has a total budget of 360,000 EUR with a maximum of 60,000 EUR per recipient, is to identify and finance six of the most ambitious and promising projects that will enhance the capabilities of drone technology and innovation use within the context of SPADE

Max.Funding: 60,000 €
Deadline: 10/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

Sileo Project

SILEO: 1st Open Call for Advanced Technology Uptake Projects

SILEO Open Call for Advanced Technology Uptake Projects aims to leverage the latest innovations, advanced technologies, ideas, and insights to support lighting and furniture SMEs developing strategic products and services, improve their existing processes and methodologies, and uncover new growth opportunities, from the digital and circular viewpoint.

Max.Funding: 10.500 €
Deadline: 12/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

StandICT 2026 logo

StandICT.eu 2026: Obtain Financial Support for your activities on ICT Standards.

The call is looking for candidates who are standardization specialists, defined as professionals with proven knowledge and experience in standardization activities, e.g. previous contributions to standards development, participation in various SDO working groups, past or current chairs, etc. in the respective priority area.

Max.Funding: 60.000 €
Deadline: 12/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

EENEnergy Logo

EENergy: Call for the EENergy energy efficiency.

SMEs that need support for the design and implementation of energy efficiency related activities can apply to the EENergy open call, and potentially benefit from a 10,000 Euro EENergy grant in addition to Enterprise Europe Network sustainability advisory services.

Max.Funding: 10.000 €
Deadline: 15/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

Procure4Health logo

Procure4Health: 3rd Call for Twinnings is open!.

Procure4Health is an EU project that aims to overcome the barriers to EU-wide adoption of innovation procurement by creating an open community of health&care procurement stakeholders.
The open call aims to support twinings activities in Health and Social care to share knowledge, build capacities of procurers, define common needs and advance innovation procurement in the EU.

Max.Funding: 30,000 €
Deadline: 17/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

NebulOuS Logo

NebulOuS: A meta operating system for brokering hyper-distributed applications on cloud computing continuums.

The objective of the NebulOuS Open Call #1 is to give selected applicants the opportunity to discover NebulOuS at the second half of the project, when a mature release of the Meta-OS stack will be available. Selected teams will test components of the NebulOuS architecture, by providing additional use cases where an IoT to Edge to Cloud infrastructure is needed.

Max.Funding: 150.000 €
Deadline: 17/04/2024
Website:  LINK 


SocialTech4EU: Call for Social Enterprises in Europe Financial Support for Acceleration.

The call SocialTech4EU Call for Social Enterprises – Financial Support for Acceleration aims at strengthening the resilience, innovation capacity, competitiveness, and sustainability of Social Enterprises (SEs), so as to enable them to embrace the digital and green transition.
The call provides financial support to SEs to carry out an innovation project for their organisation. The financial support can be used for different acceleration services such as the implementation of digital and/or green solutions, training, advisory, and mentoring programmes for business development and access to financing, which are delivered by external providers

Max.Funding: 37,000 €
Deadline: 21/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

Agroecology Logo

AGROECOLOGY: Fostering agroecology at farm and landscape levels

The objective of this call is to fund research and innovation projects dedicated to studying and implementing agroecology at two geographic scales: the farm and its immediate surroundings, as specified under Theme 1, and the landscape or territorial level, as specified under Theme 2.
Theme 1: Enhancing agroecology at the farm level
Theme 2: Implementing agroecology at the landscape level.

Max.Funding: 263,000 €
Deadline: 26/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

DaWetRest Logo

DaWetRest: Call for Associated Regions.

DaWetRest is seeking to collaborate with 6 progressive Associated Regions ranging the 4 referential basins (Danube river basin and the Black Sea, Atlantic+Arctic, Baltic and Mediterranean), that align with our innovative approaches.
With a grant of up to 75 000€ each, these regions are envisioned as strategic partners, contributing to the integration of DaWetRest solutions within their territories, thereby catalysing the revitalization of freshwater ecosystems.

Max.Funding: 75.000 €
Deadline: 30/04/2024
Website:  LINK 


EU-LAC Partnership: Building bridges to accelerate Digital Transformation in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator offers a programme to develop partnerships between large corporations and start-ups or innovative SMEs from the European Union, Latin America or the Caribbean.
The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator will provide services which are valued up to 30,000 Euros (up to 40,000 Euros if partners from the Caribbean are involved) to selected partnerships

Max.Funding: Services
Deadline: 30/04/2024
Website:  LINK 


Silicon: Re-strengthening the electronics value chain in Europe!

Open Call for Green Financial Support. Aiming to support the sustainable transformation of SMEs operating in electronics towards a greener and more sustainable economy, the Silicon Eurocluster project will award SMEs with financial support for contracting external consultancy services to advance in their green transformation.

Max.Funding: 3.600 €
Deadline: 30/04/2024
Website:  LINK 

Olamur Project

GRAINS: Open Call for Proposals for Financial Support for Social Economy SMEs in Agrifood Sector

This Call for for Proposals for Financial Support for Social Economy SMEs in Agrifood is launched in the framework of the GRAINS project. Through the GRAINS Financial Facility Program up to 60 Social Economy SMEs will be selected to support financially the implementation of their greening projects in their agrifood businesses in EU Members States and Ukraine.

Max.Funding: 8.175 €
Deadline: 30/04/2024
Website:  LINK 


As a researcher, innovator, SME, startup, or mid-cap company, you can tap into public funds to adopt or develop digital technologies, all while streamlining administrative processes and getting faster access to finance. With Cascade Funding (also known as financial support to third parties (FSTP), you’ll have the tools and financial support you need to take your business to the next level and make a lasting impact in the R&D world.

  • It simplifies the application, evaluation and justification procedures. 📑
  • Success rates are often higher, as these are less “popular” calls. 💪
  • Financing can range from €10,000 to €300,000, being projects between €100,000 and €150,000 the most common. 💶
  • The financial support is usually equity-free There is no equity or share capital assigned by any party. 👌
  • Most of these programs offer free incubation and acceleration services, specialized mentoring, and access to international networks of contacts. 👩‍🏫
  • It allows the transfer and exploitation of knowledge and the adoption of new technologies. 💻


We want to help you make these type of calls more accessible for your organisation. That is why we have designed a series of services to maximise your opportunities of receiving this financing:

  • Identification and analysis of funding opportunities: our team monitors all open calls and make a first check on the eligibility of your organization.
  • Proposals writing and submission management: we support you to land that idea that you have in mind and adapt it to the requirements of the call. In addition, we carry out the management and upload on the different platforms of all the necessary documentation to ensure that your project is eligible for the call.
  • Access to international network: if you have not identified a partner yet, or simply don’t know who to start this adventure with, in consortium projects we take care of finding the partner for your project.
  • Project management support: our service does not end with uploading the documentation, we help you throughout the full life cycle of the project, providing you management support and ensuring that you receive 100% of the grant you have won.

Finally, why limit yourself to just to this month calls? Take a long-term view and explore all the cascading funding opportunities waiting for you on our website! Don’t miss out on the chance to secure your financial future. We also have a free-subscription newsletter to be up to date with all the calls opening.

If you want to know more about our services for startups, do not hesitate to contact us and book a meeting with us through this link!

If you need assistance in the proposal writing preparation, finding the right partners for the call or even having a double-check on what you are currently preparing, do not hesitate to contact us

If you are, on the other hand, managing a cascade grant and want us to promote your call and do a review of this nature, feel free to contact, we can definitely address the topic and help with dissemination within our networks.

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